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CBDCs: The Government’s Plan to Control Your Money (and Your Life)

Steven Place  |  April 12, 2022
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When politicians open their mouths, you might think it's all lies and should be ignored.

I get it. I understand the sentiment completely…

But I don't think that's the best way to view it. If you listen closely enough, you can get a feel for the "why" behind it.

And this "why" should scare the pants off of you.

Here's a tweet from Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA):

Elizabeth Warren Twitter
Elizabeth Warren Twitter

Won't someone think of the children!

Of course, it's not truly about people losing money to scams. Senator Warren has been anti-crypto for a while, using various excuses like “the environment,” or “inequality,” or whatever.

But here's the truth:

The regime isn’t anti-technology…

They’re pro-control.

Without a mechanism for capital control — a way to control capital flows — pushing unpopular policies or using soft power to accomplish their goals becomes much harder.

In reality, they're not anti-crypto. 

They want to make their own.

Get ready for “Central Bank Digital Currencies,” or CBDCs for short. You'll start hearing about these a lot more.

See, they'll try to eliminate physical cash and replace it with blockchain tech.

This is a concept known by many as a “cashless society.”

It's quite possible that the transactions you make will no longer be private in such a system. 

And what's worse:

They could have the tech available to deny payments for certain products or services. 

You know how that would look: Maybe you don’t have the “correct” views or support a cause they don’t want you to support. 

Oops! Looks like your account just got frozen!

And since there’s no more cash in this scenario… you have no other options.

If I had read this just 5 years ago, I’d think it's some crackpot theory.

But it's already happening — and faster than you think.

Look to our friends up north for a prime example. They just published their budget… 

And they're putting up $17 million CAD to create a regulatory framework for digital currencies.

If you want to see it for yourself, here's a link to the 2022 budget for Canada:

You'll want to head to page 214 to read it, but I've pulled out the juiciest part:

The review will examine, among other factors: how to adapt the financial sector regulatory framework and toolbox to manage new digitalization risks; how to maintain the security and stability of the financial system in light of these evolving business models and technological capabilities; and the potential need for a central bank digital currency in Canada.” (Emphasis is mine.)

There it is, hidden in the back of the Canadian budget.

Some might think, "what's the big deal?" After all, the vast majority of our transactions are digital.

But consider some scenarios:

  1. You criticize or protest the government… or you support people that do so… and you get locked out of the banking system. Sounds like what went down in Canada earlier this year, doesn’t it?
  2. You can’t purchase more than X gallons of gas to help the environment. Try to buy more, and your benevolent ESG overlords controlling the system won’t let you…
  3. You get a friendly knock on the door from the police asking about why you bought the “wrong” kinds of books…

And so on. 

This is a huge deal because it provides a foothold for oppressive governments to control the citizenry even more than they already have.

After all, money is power.

Fortunately, I know there are people out there opposed to this kind of thing.

Hopefully, these kinds of people can band together and continue to pressure the regime not to adopt these kinds of things.

One of the best things you can do in the meantime, before this happens, is make more money while you still (mostly) have control over that money. That way, you can prepare for any sort of troubled times ahead.

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Steven Place
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