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Flashed At South Beach Florida

Steven Place  |  November 8, 2022

I guess I just wasn’t prepared for how different things are in South Beach.

As soon as our driver picked us up from the airport, it seemed like a different planet.

I’m from the other end of the state… the “Redneck Riviera”.

We don’t drive Lambos or Ferraris… folks that come into good fortune where I’m from drive giant Ford Raptors decked out with chrome everything.

They only cost about half of what a McLaren fetches.

So when I saw a bunch of high end sports cars just screaming out “midlife crisis” sprinkled throughout the parking lot of the hotel…

I knew we were in for a good time.

I was flown out by a biotech company to take a look at their data. 

They’re part of the cutting edge in immunotherapy treatments. 

There were some great companies that have built out cancer treatment platforms, and this company was trying to “make a better mousetrap.”

See, the problem with immunotherapy is that if your immune system gets too pissed off, then it will attack the whole body. 

We call this a cytokine storm– after 2020 that should sound familiar.

So these early stage biotech companies look for better antigen connectors to make the drugs more effective.

Now the company I went to take a look at in Miami… it had a monster run– 5 bucks to 19 in just two months, and the space is starting to heat up again.

In fact, we just found another immunotherapy company that’s got data coming out in early 2023. 

And we got clued off by insiders picking up some serious size in the company

Stock Chart
Stock Chart

This stock’s been trading in a range since May, and if it busts loose, you’ve got a quick double.

If the FDA data comes back good, then you’ve got some serious upside.

These are good plays to bet on right now, the market is looking for any kind of light at the end of the tunnel.

So if investors get a whiff of a name that actually has marketable assets and isn’t selling at 50 times earnings…

They’ll jump at the chance to own it.

If you want to know how we find, filter and position ourselves in these plays…

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Steven Place
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