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Congratulations! If you’re reading this it means you can still get access to our Insiders Exposed alert service and take advantage of the most valuable piece of paper on wall street.

The Insiders Exposed service leverages a secret loophole tucked deep inside SEC rule 10b5-1 that forces Insiders to report their trades on a document that few know even exists.

In fact, this document represents unfathomable information.

Imagine knowing what a company's earnings are before they release it…

Whether or not a new drug trial is going well… Upcoming mergers or acquisitions…

This secret document represents just that.

And the Insiders Exposed service exploits this information for potentially massive gains.

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Start ethically stealing trade ideas from the world's most successful investors leading to gains of 1,235%, 1,747% and a whopping 2,188%
When you join today you will get instant access to my brand-new bonus report. “Covert Investors Unmasked: How To Follow Corporate Insiders For Huge Profits”

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These Insiders have nonpublic information about their companies…

Upcoming earnings… mergers or acquisitions… pending FDA approvals and they are getting filthy rich.

And we are able to mimic their every move!

Here is a quick review of everything you get.
Covert Investors Unmasked: How To Follow Corporate Insiders For Huge Profits:

This dossier outlines 3 stocks that recently had massive insider buying. If my targets are met, a $500 investment in each one has the potential to generate $11,105 in profit. My goal is to cover your cost for the next 5 years with my first three stock picks.

Insiders Exposed Trade Alerts:

Each month Steven and his team will spend hundreds of hours combing through all the insider trades. Once they have identified one of those needle in a haystack opportunities. He will blast out an email and SMS alerting you. He will outline what insiders are buying and any potential catalyst he sees for the company. An option trade is also included allowing more aggressive investors to target gains of 1000% or more. You can expect 2-5 new trades a month. When it’s time to close the trade or make a change to it. He will send out a notice for that as well.

Real Time Trade Monitoring:

Each week Steven will send out an email outlining any changes that are needed in the portfolio including updates to positions and new buys and sells as well as potential upcoming catalyst.

Stock and Options For Beginners:

We want to make sure that being part of the Insiders Exposed family is not limited to pro investors. In fact, it's designed with the new Investor in mind. And for that reason we are including a very special training program that will take you from wherever you are right now (even if you don't have an account to trade in) and get you comfortable trading stocks and options using the Insiders Exposed service.

Platinum Level Support:

When you are investing in the markets and have a question the last thing you want is to have to wait 24 hours for someone to respond to an email. We are upgrading everyone who purchases today to our platinum level support that gives you telephone access to our investor concierge team. This way, if you have any questions we are just a phone call away.

The Insider Exposed Model Portfolio:

This is one of the most important parts of your membership. As a member of Insiders Exposed, you will see ALL of Steven's open positions including when he recommended it, the buy price and the total gains. Altogether, access to this model portfolio alone could run into tens of thousands in value — but you get unlimited access to it for the duration of your membership.

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Your First 3 “Insider Exposed” Trade Alerts
Value = $11,105
2-5 New Alerts Per Month For 12 Months
Value = $4,995
Stock And Options For Beginners Course
Value = $997
Platinum Support Upgrade
Value = $997
Total Value:
TODAY ONLY: $1,997

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many trades alerts will you send out?
The number of alerts we send out varies from month to month but you can expect an average of 2-5 new alerts each month. Steven and his team are very selective and will only send out the best insider buys.
What if I only have a little bit of money? How much do I need to do this
The beautiful thing about this strategy is that it scales exceptionally well. Many of the setups are in lower-priced small cap stocks so you don’t need a six-figure bankroll to get started. In reality, starting with $2-$3k is enough. You’ll be able to scale into 4-5 of our trades… and if you get some big winners, you’ll be trading with a LOT more capital than when you started in no time at all.
I have never traded, I would like to do it. Is this something I can do?
Absolutely, in fact this is one of the best ways to step into trading. For one there is no complicated analysis for you to do. We are just following the most successful traders in the world.  And second, Steven is going to be hand feeding you everything you need to implement this in your own investment account.
What if I work full time. Will I have enough time to do this?
First of all, this is not day trading so even if it takes you a few days to get in after the call comes out you should be fine in most cases. You might even get in at a better price.  Second, each week you will get a full market brief that lays out any changes to existing positions as well any new positions. So even if you are only able to check your email once a week you could do this.  This service was designed with the busy man or woman in mind. So absolutely this is perfect for investors who either don't have a lot of time or do not want to spend their time on this.
Do the insiders ever get it wrong?
The short answer is yes. But what you’ll notice is it's rare for 2 or 3 insiders to pile into a stock and then it just gets destroyed. Even Insiders can't predict acts of God. So things do happen but we limit our losses to  around 15%-20% max. My experience is that losses are much less frequent and much less in terms of magnitude when following Insiders then when  using any other strategy.
What happens if the insider trading rules change in the future?
It's hard to say how that would affect our trading without knowing the rules, however, as long as the politicians who make these laws are using this information to make millions it's highly unlikely that anything is going to change. Think about it. If you made tens of  millions in the markets while bringing in a whopping 200k as a so-called public servant. Are you going to make any changes?
I don’t live in the US. Can I do this?
Absolutely, the Insider Report monitors companies listed on the US stock exchange. These stocks are accessible through any brokerage firm that offers International Stock Purchases. Regardless of what country you live in you should have no issues.
Do you include an option with every alert?
Yes, every alert Steve sends out will include an option unless one is not available. This is rare but occasionally a stock will be priced too low for an option to be available. In these cases one is rarely needed anyway due to the price per share.
Everyone selling a trading product says they are an amazing trader. Why are you different?
Although I am doing the filtering and selecting, in the end you are not really following me. You are following the insider. And they are in the best position to know the most about their company. There is actually academic research that proves even blindly following insiders can lead to fantastic profits. Of course I would never suggest blindly following Insiders.
Do you also give short or sell recommendations when you see insiders selling?
No, and here is why. There are a lot of reasons Insiders might sell their stock. They are selling it for a down payment on a new house, maybe their kids are going to college. Many of these executives make a portion of their salary as stock and they need it to live on. So there are a lot of reasons they might sell their stock, but there is only one reason for them to buy. They think the stock's value is going to increase. 
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