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I’m Adding This Setup to My Arsenal

Steven Place  |  June 23, 2022

In the past few weeks, we’ve shown you some of our premium insider trading setups, such as:

I stumbled on a new strategy that I think has massive investment potential:

Introducing: The Turnaround Trade.

This is when an insider has been selling their stake in the company but suddenly does a complete 180 and starts buying in size.

Remember: 2021 was a wild bull market, and many insiders were selling out of positions.

We didn’t know the “why” behind their selling back then.

But when they “turn around” and start buying, it’s time to pay attention.

Let’s look at a specialty retail stock as an example.

Last year, an insider at this company dumped 87% of his position when the stock was trading at $18.
Now, the stock is trading at $2… and this same insider is now buying shares:

Retail Stock Chart
Retail Stock Chart

Here’s what’s wild: This isn’t the only insider at this company who’s doing this.

A different insider sold shares all through 2021…

Only to “turnaround” and buy shares this month.

Retail Stock Chart
Retail Stock Chart

Not only do we have a “turnaround” setup, it’s also a cluster buy.

For more information on cluster buys and other high-probability insider trade setups:

Check out this webinar.

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Steven Place
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