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Insiders Are Sending This Tiny Biotech To Outer Space

Steven Place  |  August 10, 2022

Check this out:

MGNX Chart
MGNX Chart

That’s the chart for a company called Macrogenix (MGNX).

It’s a trashy little biotech stock you’ve probably never heard of before.

They’re developing ways to use monoclonal antibodies to fight tumors.

From the June lows the stock is up over 150%.

Then came the earnings call a few days ago and… lo and behold… MGNX beat on revenue.

Take a look at this arrow…

MGNX Chart
MGNX Chart

See it pointing to that tiny little green candle after the cascade trail of red?

That was the day this boutique biotech got a bump from a company insider who picked up almost $100K worth of MGNX at the bargain basement price of $2.47.

As you can see from the chart, it’s almost an exact low…

And all after the same insider dumped shares right around the high last year:

MGNX Chart
MGNX Chart

Even the Pelosi’s don’t have this kind of impeccable timing…

Of course, almost everyone thinks that insider trading like this is illegal…

Or reserved for members of congress who vote on spending bills… 

In both parties, by the way… the Pelosi’s have just turned it into an art form…

But you’d be wrong!

(About company insiders, that is, not members of congress… they’re hopelessly corrupt).

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