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The Ace Of Base

Steven Place  |  September 20, 2022

One of the earliest lessons you can develop as an investor… is not to try to catch a falling knife.

It is infinitely easier to get in after a new base has developed.

Let’s take a peek at an example with PRPL:

PRPL Chart
PRPL Chart

After their earnings even in May, we saw several insiders reach into their pockets to pick up shares.

It was a combination of “cluster buys” (from 3 of the insiders) and a first time buyer.

It ended up doing what a lot of the ecom names did… flopping around on the floor like a bass out of water…

It turned out to NOT be a good play at that point.

But now we’ve got a whole new flurry of fresh action on the name…

There was a takeover bid by Coliseum Capital, who has been buying shares for the entire year, working up to an $80 million position.

With just 81.5 million shares outstanding… we could easily be looking at a squeeze.

If the board knows how to take advantage of this situation, it could provide plenty of momentum to get the share price off the floor.

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We’ll find the “creme de la creme” of plays where we see sneaky insiders getting high on their own supply…

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Steven Place
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