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The Biden Administration’s Dangerous Attempt to Fix Gas Prices

Steven Place  |  June 14, 2022

The market plummeted last week as the inflation print came in hot. 

That number was 8.6% year-over-year CPI, for your information.

My concern is that if commodity prices continue to stay “sticky,” these prices will continue to work through the economic system longer than we want.

Energy prices don’t seem to be improving, either. 

The US’s gas price just hit a $5/gallon average, and gas futures continue to grind higher:

Gas Futures Chart
Gas Futures Chart

We can blame a good chunk of this on the lack of refining capacity in the oil markets. 

If you look at the difference between crude oil and refined products, you get the “crack spread.” Here’s how it has done recently:

Crude Oil/Refined Products Chart
Crude Oil/Refined Products Chart

If we can’t refine oil, things get stuck.

Of course, building more refineries is an easy way to fix this. Or we could at least restart some of the refineries that had been recently shut down.

Simple, right?

Well, remember this: our federal government is run by a man who campaigned on shutting them down.

We went from being a net energy exporter…

To being forced to release oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve SPR to try and put a cap on prices.

That’s a band-aid solution, of course, given how much oil the US uses in a single day.
Now, Congress is trying to push through price controls (because that’s never been tried before), and the State Department is allowing two of the worst countries on the planet to buddy up:

Iran-Venezuela News
Iran-Venezuela News

Awesome. I’m sure this will help maintain stability in the Western Hemisphere.
Wait a second… I thought both of these countries were under US sanctions?

Venezuela Oil News Headline
Venezuela Oil News Headline


So instead of having a sound domestic energy policy… 

This administration is scrambling to make up supply on the margins by allowing terrorists to work together to ship oil to Europe at a massive price.

Hey, but at least we’re banning Russian oil!

Geopolitics aside, this has offered profit opportunities in several oil refineries — and I’ve been using my Investor Invasion system to scope them out.

For example, here’s Valero Energy (VLO):

VLO Chart
VLO Chart

How about Sandridge:

SD Chart
SD Chart

In both images, that yellow arrow points out where the Investor Invasion system detected these opportunities (in VLO in May and Sandridge in February)...

Both times, they had nice runs — and we’re actively hunting for 

Here are Insiders Exposed, we’ll also be looking for potential insider buying that alerts us to good oil opportunities.

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Steven Place
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