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The Biggest Market Edge You Have For “Catching the Falling Knife”

Steven Place  |  July 6, 2022

I would never suggest that a trader should blindly buy the dip…

But if you find an edge, you’ve got to take it. 

A quick 200% potential gain is still the same amount even if the stock is in a downtrend.

With the way this market is going, there are plenty of knife-catch setups for you… 

If you know where to look.

Take MSP Recovery Inc (MSPR). 

This company was listed through a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC).

These plays were hot in 2021, but since this specific stock launched in May 2022, it didn’t end well:

Stock Chart
Stock Chart

$10 to $1 real fast. A lot of folks lost a whole lot of money.

But into the bloodbath, over the course of a month, 6 separate insiders at this company picked up shares at a steal. 

The CEO, COO, General counsel, and three Directors all bought at around $1/share. Some on or around the same day.

When a bunch of insiders buy at once, it’s called a “cluster buy,” and it is a STRONG indicator of upside potential.

Here’s what happened next:

Stock Chart
Stock Chart

The stock made a quick trip back up to $3, which would put any $1/share entry at a very nice profit.

One problem for the insiders who bought, though:

The “Short-Swing Rule.”

This forces them to hold their position for at least 6 months. Sell earlier, and they forfeit any profits.

So they made fat gain, but they can’t realize their gain under the Short-Swing Rule. So they have to hope and pray the stock at least holds onto those gains for several months.

The beauty of this is that you don’t have to follow this rule since you’re not an insider.

Putting two and two together:

You can buy when the insiders buy, then sell whenever you want. 

If you had bought when these guys did at $1/share, you could have sold the moment it jumped to $3/share for a potential 200% in a short time.

Thus, you could have potentially “caught the falling knife.”

Of course, cluster buys just one of 6 high-conviction setups I use to catch the falling knife.

I’ll share the others with you in this free training.

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Steven Place
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