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The New COIN Of The Realm?

Steven Place  |  October 14, 2022

Imagine you’re the CEO of Shopify. 

It’s been a down year, your stock is off 85% from all time highs.

Not exactly the kind of news you’re popping bottles of champagne to.

But, you’re already sitting on a massive mountain of “F U” money from your company’s IPO.

But he’s not using any of his cash hoard to buy the dip in SHOP…

At least not yet (we’ll keep you updated).

Instead, I keep seeing his name pop up on purchases with a little Web3 company called Coinbase 

… you might have heard of them?

Now, under normal circumstances I avoid these “billionaire buys” type of plays.

Billionaires aren’t rich for no reason… but they also have enough money that they don’t really worry about a major downturn.

But the Shopify CEO keeps stacking up the chips… buying more and more even after all the blood was spilled in the crypto meltdown.

I think I know why.

He really is an “insider” of sorts when it comes to COIN.

He doesn’t have any official role with the company of course…

But given he’s the CEO of a major e-tailer (SHOP), he gets to see internal data for a big chunk of purchases in the ecommerce ecosystem.

And you can see how many payments are being made through traditional networks like Visa and Mastercard…

And how many transactions are happening on the blockchain.

Can you connect the dots here?

I think we have the catalyst for a solid pre-breakout move here…

But the devil is in the details (and in how you structure your risk).

If you’re interested in knowing how we scan, filter, and play names like this…

Keeping upside high and risk teensy tiny comparison…

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Steven Place
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