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This Cat Isn’t Dead, Doesn’t Bounce, And Has Just Been Let Out Of The Bag

Steven Place  |  November 17, 2022

If you’ve been following my musings this year, you probably already know that I’m bullish on BioTechs over the next few years.

They’re not ridiculously overpriced, the companies aren’t dependent on impossibly cheap money to fund themselves, and institutions love ‘em.

That means that if they get favorable news from a good trial… a tsunami of money can flood in making them shoot up at a parabolic pace.

Like one name I’ve been tracking for a bit that recently saw a clean breakout:

Stock Chart
Stock Chart

It’s an early stage BioTech with some FDA news coming in the first quarter next year.

The stock got pulled down in the liquidity crunch we’ve had since the Fed started hiking…

… and started basing out in July.

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One we cleared 2.40 on the chart we had a nice follow through.

And now, it’s attracting a lot of attention from technical traders:


And the wild thing? We’re still early. If the data improves, then that gives institutional funds clearance to buy shares of the company. 

It could be a fast triple from here.

How did I find it? I wasn’t waiting for the “obvious” technical breakout. 

No, I found it through some hidden money flows that showed me to pick up shares before the breakout hit.

Want to see how this works? 

>>> Hidden Money Flows Expose Pre-Breakout Stocks In Underloved Industries

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