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Thursday, October 27th, 6 pm EST.

America’s #1 “Equity Oasis” To Save Your Retirement
As The Bond Market Carnage Bleeds Into Equities, Commodities, Credit Markets, And Every Other Asset Class, There’s Only One Safe Place To Stash Your Cash, And It Could Hand You Triple-Digit Gains.

Presented by Steven Place at Insiders Exposed

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“Join me Thursday evening, October 27th, and I’ll show you the new #1 equity oasis where key money flow is moving and the simple investment strategy that could return 200%, 300%, 750% or more in the next 12 months, no matter what happens in the markets”.

— Steven Place, Host, “America’s #1 Equity Oasis”.

The war in Europe is escalating.

Xi Jinping just consolidated his powers in China.

And the Fed is going to hike until it breaks the markets.

This has led to a bond market crash that’s bleeding over into every other asset class.

Credit markets, commodities, and stocks are all having insane volatility.

The result? A massive cascade in the most-held “brand name” stocks.

Those caught unaware could see the value of their portfolio crater even further.

Still, more will lose everything.

If you want to escape the carnage, you need an approach that puts a “moat” around your portfolio.

Register for this Thursday’s virtual event, and you’ll learn…

America’s #1 equity oasis and why it’s the best way to save your retirement and recoup any losses you’ve sustained in 2022.

The story no one is telling about indices, why it’s a sure-fire path to losses, and what you can do to protect your portfolio before it's too late.

The best “buy signal” you can get in today’s markets and how it could show you triple-digit gains in the next 12 months, no matter what happens in the markets.

And much more, including a crash-proof “insider gameplan” for avoiding the financial pain 99% of Americans are going to face in this “dark winter”

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