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Could These New SEC Rules Hurt Your Portfolio?

Steven Place  |  December 31, 2021

In case you don’t know — insider trading is 100% legal, provided the insiders in question follow some rather vague disclosure rules.

Seems unfair…

But these rules are what give us a massive edge in the market. We can piggyback off these insiders and find amazing opportunities.

Plus, I think it’s fair for, say, a CEO to benefit from his company’s performance, provided he tells the rest of us that he’s buying.

But that all could change soon…

Because the SEC has proposed several new rules that would tighten up insider trading like crazy.

I find this odd and quite hypocritical.

Remember: Nancy Pelosi was grilled about Congressional insider trading the other day, and her defense was (and I’m paraphrasing) “It’s a free market. We should be able to do this as long as we report it.”

Yet this same regime wants to pull the ladder up…

By making it aggravatingly difficult for insiders that actually work at their firms and have a vested interest in improving it…

To benefit from their hard work?

Which, in turn, would hamper our ability to ride the coattails of these insiders and potentially create life-changing wealth for ourselves and our families.

All the while, you can bet that politicians will still find a way to game the system.

All that said:

In today’s video, I’ll discuss the implications and explain why I’m not actually too worried about these passing.

In fact, if one of these new rules does manage to pass…

It could be even BETTER for us traders.

Watch that video above, and when you’re done.

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