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Groundfloor Advantage in Biotech

Steven Place  |  June 26, 2023
DNA Money
DNA Money

Here’s a good example of the advantage of being early in biotech.

Before Moderna went public in 2018, it had no products on the market.

It was a microcap focused on the once-obscure niche of messenger RNA products…

And its share price stayed well below $30 for its first year of trading.

But once news leaked that its COVID vaccine would win FDA approval in Dec. 2020…

The stock went on a tear from $29 in March 2020 to $451 in September 2021.

That Would Be 15x Your Money If You Got in on The Ground Floor

Of course, the rally was driven by worldwide COVID-19 vaccination.

And since the world has moved on, it’s understandable the stock now sits at $118.

STILL, the one thing you’ll notice is the clear advantage of being early.

If you bought at $50, you didn’t profit as much as the guy who bought at $29.

The trick is knowing the best time to get in and out for maximum returns and… A proven way to get your timing right is to follow the paper trail of insiders.

See how we do it in this episode of Insiders Exposed.

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Steven Place
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