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This “Medical AI Stock” Still Trades Under $1, But It Has a 200x Upside

Steven Place  |  February 6, 2023

History shows investing early in the right companies can be very beneficial. 

Take the early days of the tech revolution.

On the one hand, you had cautious investors who wanted to wait for more clarification on whether technology was here to stay. 

Many missed the boat on some of history's biggest stock market returns.

On the other hand, early investors in companies like Apple, Amazon, and Google have been rewarded for betting on the success of future tech leaders.

Some saw returns as high as 200x and never had to work another day.

A similar story is playing out with Artificial Intelligence (AI) today.

The AI market has been up 220% over the last six months.

Thanks to the buzz around ChatGPT (the generative AI that helps you with content ideas), some artificial intelligence stocks are gaining momentum.


An AI company that sells software to the U.S. military and banks. shares rocketed 77.4% higher in January alone.

And a growing number of investors are bullish on the stock right now.

But while every trader is focused on and a handful of industry giants (like Micron Technology, Nvidia, and Alphabet) ...

There’s one under-the-radar medical AI company I’m focusing on.

They’ve found a brilliant solution to one of the biggest medical problems in the U.S.

In fact, you may have had this medical problem before (as have most Americans who’ve been to the hospital at least once).

I’m talking about errors in medical imaging.

When it comes to medical imaging, doctors sometimes get it wrong. 

They miss something on the scan or have a false positive that can lead to misdiagnosis, increased doses, and clinical mismanagement.

All of which endanger patients' lives and create higher costs for the hospital.

Thankfully, this company has found the solution we’ve been waiting for. It uses AI to help doctors get the imaging right and pinpoint the root cause of sickness in patients.

This makes it easier to improve clinical outcomes for patients.

It also saves time and money.

What’s more?

This company just shifted from an R&D firm to a commercial product. 

They’re just waiting on the “all clear” from hospitals and insurance companies. 

And once they get that, it’s game on.

The stock still trades under $1.

But I ran comparables from other tech companies, and if it were to reach a valuation similar to those on the private markets … you’ve got a 200x investment on your hands.

That means every $1,000 invested could return $200,000 as this company explodes into the limelight. That’s the kind of upside potential we’re looking at here.

I can’t predict how fast it will soar, but the bottom line is this:

This is an honest company with a real solution to a big problem.

Soon, it will be on every investor’s lips, so why not get in while it's still early?

If you want to learn more about this medical AI play (like the ticker and strategy we’re using to trade the stock) or any other opportunities on my radar this week…

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Steven Place
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