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This Could Be Worse Than Inflation… But There Are Trade Opportunities Everywhere

Steven Place  |  July 14, 2022

Yeah, it was pretty bad. 


The CPI came in hot, above expectations, leading to a small selloff.

But it wasn’t anything like last month, because those who needed to deleverage already took their positions down.

On top of that, we now have a Fed that is super clear that they’ll hike aggressively.

Here are the current odds of what the Fed will do during the July meeting, per the Fed Fund Futures market:

Fed Meeting Probability Rate
Fed Meeting Target Rate Probability Chart

A month ago, the market priced in a 50% chance of a 2.00 - 2.25% rate.

Today, there’s now a 78% chance of a 2.50-2.75% hike.

I’m becoming more contrarian on this issue…

I think deflation is setting up to be a bigger risk than inflation. More on that in a few days.

But the volatility in bonds and stocks has helped us find some nice deals.

For example:

We discovered an eCommerce company trading at a 1x sales multiple, and it’s setting up for a quick potential 50% pop.

And, just today, we rolled up on a former high-flyer stock — a key insider threw down a ton of cash into the company.

If it hits my key levels, we could be good for 50% gain here…

And if our options play works out, we’ve got at least 160% potential return on capital lined up…

And that’s just the start if this gets going.

As I’ve said recently, we’re seeing some former high-flying tech and biotech names pivot. 

This isn’t me being a genius stock picker, believe it or not. 

I’m just following investors MUCH smarter than me.

They’re among the smartest investors on the planet… because they’re the company insiders.

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Steven Place
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